Butundoktorlar was founded in 2005 in İstanbul, Turkey. Dr. Emine Alpan is a manager of health IT systems and health PR affairs of Butundoktorlar.


Butundoktorlar offers outsourcing services for hospitals,doctors and medical supplier companies at subjects of public relations and advertisements on internet via google fiendly web sites . offers health services to bring patients from neighbor countries and abroad (Romanian,Georgia,Azerbajian,Iraq,Saudia Arabia) and Turkey to Hospitals, Medical Centers and Monitoring Centers using EOS, Hologic Selenia Dimensions,GE Discovery CT 750 HD computed tomography…


Butundoktorlar İs business partner of imark infotech, working with the following areas hospitals and medical supplier companies.


• Establishing Google Friendly, SEO Web sites to support PR on İnternet for companies

• Mobile Apps

• Social Media Management


Butundoktorlar İs giving educations and consultancy for some special computer programs for optimized managemet of profit centers of hospitals and supporting their desicion making report systems.


Butundoktorlar ’s mission is to be a pioneering institution which is innovative and continuously improving;


Butundoktorlar ’s vision is to become a premier institution in our specialization areas with the scientific value and quality of the services


Butundoktorlar ‘s Health Services Partners is at the following.