Butundoktorlar was founded in 2006 in Istanbul, Turkey. Emine Fulya Alpan, who founded the Butundoktorlar.com website, is an expert in health information technology, health information systems and health PR.


It is aimed that patients can easily reach their doctors via butundoktorlar.com. Links to videos of our doctors explaining the diagnosis and treatment are available on our website. In this way, it is aimed to increase the life quality of the society and to contribute to the development of medicine.


With health advisory service of Butundoktorlar.com is targeted satisfaction of patients and their relatives coming from abroad and in Turkey. Our doctors  meet to the patients, the treatment of our patients can be started quickly.


Butundoktorlar website is to ensure that our patients who have contacted us with our disease treatment sites and the videos of our doctors  since 2006 reach the right treatment and live a healthier life.


Butundoktorlar website is to meet the health needs of people by helping patients find the examinations and treatments they need in the diagnosis, analysis and treatment stages of the diseases in the fastest and most appropriate way.


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